• Customer & Partner Trust

    Motto: Easy to build trust

    Customer website - portal where your customers can track ongoing or historical services and projects. Get full transparency by sharing with your customer whatever is necessary in your service delivery. Would you like to have an online tracking of the money you spent on whatever service? We think so! And we think your customer will love you for this!

    Company logo - sitting on every form you share with your customers (every form can be converted to PDF).

    Fast offering - using activity form templates and cost templates along with materials/labor/overheads pricing database.

    Win more bids - by offering best price. Do this by keeping time and material waste and risk margins to minimum with costs templates synchronized with your materials, labor and overheads pricing databases. In example, changing the price of 1 material in your materials database will reflect in all cost templates containing that material.

    Professional look - of any activity form.

  • Cost Control

    Motto: Easy job costing

    Eliminate costly bid errors - with easily adjustable cost templates.

    Last price update - is always highlighted for your materials, labor, overheads and cost templates for easy cost estimations.

    Cost Templates - that include materials, labor and overheads for fast and accurate full takeoff of any service and project you sell.

    Synchronization - between your Cost Templates and your materials, labor and overheads pricing database.

    1 click - to reuse an existing cost template; just adjust quantities to your new demands.

    Track unexpected costs - with special forms dedicated to them or by simply attaching the “Cost” field to your form templates. In example, you can add a cost field to every form template.

  • Service Management

    Motto: Easy to take care

    Dispatching forms - may be created per technician, per intervention type, per equipment type, Etc. and can be equipped with prerequisites, checklists, instructions, costs, lists of materials, Etc.

    Templates - for any kind of activity/form you use; with pre-populated terms, conditions, check lists, costs, Etc. - E.g. intervention forms, receipts, warranty forms.

    Intervention forms - for every type of home service. Just dispatch them to appropriate person/team.

    Warranty form templates - for every type of product/service.

    Create workpools - per service, per month, per person, per zone, per whatever fits your ways of working.

    Adapt any form - to your ways of working by adding/removing form sections, adding/removing fields, adding/removing default field values (by form we mean work order, RFP, purchase order, invoice, Etc.).

    Easy tracking of redundant activities - like periodical checks or preventive maintenance.

    Share with your customers - receipts, invoices, costs, work status, Etc., all in a single page dedicated to your beloved customer (each customer has his own page).

  • Project Management

    Motto: Easy to execute

    Activity forms - Estimations, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, To Do's, Warranty, Task, Materials List, Change Requests, Interventions, Proposals.
    All activity forms are 100% customizable.
    Create unlimited new ones.

    Create workpools - per project, per project phase, per service, per month, per person, per zone, per whatever fits your ways of working.

    Templates - with pre-populated fields for any kind of task or project component assigned to you, your team members or your partners (by project component we understand contracts, invoices, change requests, work orders, tasks, Etc.).

    1 Single Web Page - for all your project or service components (contracts, documents, pictures, invoices, POs, tasks, Etc.). All forms can sit on 1 single web page and to do all related work you never have to leave that web page.

    Standardize communication - with your suppliers and partners using templates (in example you can build customized Purchase Orders for each of your suppliers to avoid any delay in your supply chain).

  • Collaboration

    Motto: Easy to share

    Shared environment - accessible anywhere, anytime by entire team.

    Field technicians - can make pictures and directly attach them to any activity form (without leaving the software).

    Attach documents and pictures - to any form you create.

    Share with your customer - any form you use while serving him. Customer can view shared forms on Customer Website, a portal where your customer can login with your approval.

    Dispatching - in 1 click only. Any activity form can be dispatched to any of your team member(s).

    Export as PDF - any form you create and share it with your customers, suppliers and partners.

  • Custom Forms & Templates

    Motto: Easy to adapt

    Cost Templates - that include materials, labor and overheads (synchronized with your materials, labor and overheads pricing database).

    Form Templates - (aka activity form templates) which are 100% customizable. You can build absolutely any king of form you need to perform your work. By default, our system is equipped with templates for (not limited to this): Task, Estimation, Warranty Certificate, Purchase Order, Invoice, Expense, List of materials, RFP, Check List, Change Request, Proposal.


No adaptation required

You don't need to adapt your business to the software. Instead, adapt the software to your business. Every form inside the software can be customized according to your needs.


Select how you organize your work

You decide how you organize your work. Organize your work per project, per owner, per contractor, per type, per month, per whatever... It's up to you to decide how you do it.


Remove unnecessary forms and create new ones

The tool allows you to make it simple. Remove all forms that you don’t use (no worries, you can create new one’s anytime!). In example, if you don’t plan to manage your invoices using Houseservice 365, just remove them completely from the system.


No learning required

If you know how to create-move-delete files and folders on your PC/MAC it means you already know how to use our software.

Try it yourself 30 days free

With no credit card or commitment, you can enjoy the full features stack for free. We promise you’ll quickly understand why maintaining and repairing and renovating homes is much easier and better with Houseservice 365.

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